We are now selling the NOVESTA 2022AW COLLECTION

The NOVESTA 2022AW COLLECTION will be available for purchase on the official online store from 18:00 on October 11th. The 2022AW COLLECTION includes the new STAR MASTER HIKER and STAR DRIBBLE HIKER models, which can also be used for hiking, as well as the MARATHON and MARATHON RUNNER, which are colored in a Slovakian color palette. The STAR MASTER DUO, which has a unique sole design, will also be available. These products are made using the technology unique to NOVESTA, which manufactures its own rubber in-house.

The lookbook was shot in an old townhouse built in the 1920s in Trenčanske Teplice, a resort town in Slovakia. This historic building, which is now a liqueur bar and distillery, has been renovated with ingenious techniques to preserve its original appearance while incorporating the taste of Slovakian architectural design. The idea of ​​updating the good old things with new technology is a value that underpins NOVESTA's designs.