Caution regarding the distribution of counterfeit and non-genuine products

Thank you for using NOVESTA. As a result of an investigation by our company and our Slovakian headquarters, counterfeit NOVESTA products are being distributed unofficially on resale sites and at unofficial dealer stores . These are malicious scams that pretend to have purchased from an official store and use unauthorized photos of genuine products only for product photos. We will take strict measures against the distribution of counterfeit products, but we ask that you only purchase products from official dealer stores. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of any unofficial products purchased at your own discretion. Please be very careful.

Kleinstein Co., Ltd.


Dear Customer,

As a result of our investigation and that of our Slovak headquarters, we have confirmed that there are the presence of fake products of NOVESTA on unofficial resale sites and in unofficial retail stores. These resellers use the photo of genuine Novesta products for the listing, but selling fake products.
Although we do take legal action on fake sellers, we recommend that you purchase the product at the official store where it is sold on our official stockists list.