22AW COLLECTION STORY - トレンチャンスケ・テプリツェ




The well-known Slovak spa town Trenčianske Teplice has transformed one of its old burgher houses from the 1920s into a liqueur house. It used to be a butcher's shop that was later changed into a grocery shop and finally, in 2020, it was restored and transformed into a liqueur bar and distillery. Throughout its time as a shop, both the interior and exterior completely degraded. The goal of the restoration was to remove the remains of the previous changes and partial restorations and to give the building back its heritage. They did not try to restore the monument to its original condition but they wanted to highlight its historical significance by showcasing the fine detail of some of the features.

Based on historical photographs, the window openings were adjusted to their original positions. Today, the building has an aperitif bar, Likérka, with its own distillery, where in 2020 they launched the production of two artisan products both of which reference the history of the city. The 22AW collection is based on coloring inspired by the herbs and colors of the liqueur mountains that come from Slovakia.